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By Charles Augustine, 07/31/18, 1:45PM PDT


Bay Area Basketball


San Francisco, Calif. - “Swoosh’ … it’s all net!”‚Äč this is the sound basketball enthusiasts worldwide will be hearing in upcoming professional basketball games in the years to come, states Kelly Bessette, San Francisco City Cats, President of Business Operations a brand new professional San Francisco ABA basketball team – launching this year with the first game on their home court of Kezar Pavilion at 7:15 p.m. on November 3rd! City Cats are the brainchild and lifelong dream of “Autos Wholesale” Bay Area car dealerships owner Michael Steadman. “I've always thought there should be at least one other team in the Bay Area, and the world for that matter, that basketball enthusiasts like myself can root for,” states Steadman, who went on to say that he lives and breathes for basketball. “With the exception of my immediate family, close friends and employees dear to me, I couldn’t imagine life on Earth without basketball in it.” He went on to explain that as a young man, he’d envisioned himself in the role of a pro-basketball player, but the need to be a parent and father, and to provide for his family, prevailed. However there was no reason his daughter and two boys could not fulfill the dream he had once longed for; and to this avail he has steered his kids in that direction. Over the years, he’s devoted most of his spare time, coaching and steering local Bay Area youth at the high school and now college level, to the pursuit of careers in professional basketball, a pastime he finds exceeding gratifying. His efforts have not been for naught either, Steadman proudly edifies, as in the course of tutoring and mentoring youth, his vision rubbed off on his oldest son Michael Jamal Steadman (whose height is a meager six feet 10), and resulted in Michael Jamal being recruited by San Jose State University to play college-level basketball for the Spartans in the fall.

Standing at six feet five and with a notably commanding confident presence, eyes welling up in tears now, Steadman states humbly, “I cannot express in words how proud I am of Michael Jamal. This is the fruition for what I’ve worked for all of my life.” Steadman goes on to explain that with his kids now attending college and high school he longed to move on to the next rung – being involved in the capacity of coach or owner at the professional level. “Why not give Bay Area enthusiasts another basketball team … why not?” Being an exceedingly successful entrepreneur in the lucrative auto industry, to the point of realizing an auto salesman’s ultimate dream, owning your own dealership – a man who knows no bounds and whose philosophy in life is “reach for the stars” and “set no limit on how high you can fly” – in true Steadman-form, Mike came up with the idea for his own team, the San Francisco City Cats. The rest will be for the history books to come and those involved at every level are eager to be a part of it. Steadman will be featured on the first season of the shortly broadcasted TV & Radio Podcast Bay Area Hype, Hosted by The Legendary Entertainment Veteran, Entrepreneur and Influencer Suga-T. Suga-T is known all over the world for selling over twenty million albums collectively, admired as the first lady of her many times gold & platinum successful family entertainment group "The Click," (E40, D-shot, B_Legit, Suga-T) and an innovator, who paved the way for the females in the Hip Hop Industry today for over the past thirty years. Suga'Rush Media, will be presenting powerful content around, sports, entertainment, dining, beauty and health on a broadcast available to over six million homes in and around the surrounding areas of the bay, as well as to the billions available online and other available digital outlets. Come November Bay Area basketball will have one more professional league-level basketball team to root for as the San Francisco City Cats will be making their debut onto the basketball scene and they are anticipating fans screaming,

“Look! Can you believe it, it’s ‘all net’’ again! Yee!” May You"ll Be Inspired To Win! 


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